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8/0 Triangle Beads (TR8)

Miyuki measurement 8/0 Triangle beads (TR8) are three sided beads with softly rounded corners. The center measurement of Miyuki’s three sizes of Triangle beads, the TR8 measures 2mm x 3mm with a gap measurement of 1.1mm. There are roughly 31 beads per gram and 11 beads per inch.

TR8 beads can be utilized in a wide range of beadweaving strategies together with peyote, brick, spiral and herringbone sew. When strung with different beads, the triangular form of the TR8 provides texture and shimmer as mild hits their three sides. Dimension 8/0 Triangle beads are perfect for edging embroidery tasks, Kumihimo braiding, and even micro macrame.

The TR8 beads can be found in over 100 vibrant colours. Shade-lined, glowing, matte silverlined, Aurora Borealis, and matte metallic are only a few of the attractive finishes obtainable. The marginally concave surfaces of the TR8 mirror mild and intensify coloration making any challenge eye-catching.

Free tasks with TR8s:



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