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Amethyst Stone Properties | GemPundit.com

Gemstone Amethyst
Hindi Nam Jamunia, Kathela
Ruling Planet Saturn ( Shani )
Moh’s Scale 7.0
SBirthstone February
Indicators Dominated Capricorn ( Makar ), Aquarius ( Kumbh )
Steel to Put on in Silver or Platinum

With deep analysis work, it has been proved by Astrologers and Gemologists that gem stones posses therapeutic powers and supplies advantages in accordance with the solar signal of the wearer. Amethyst is called the birthstone for the individuals who took delivery within the month of February.

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What’s an Amethyst?

Amethyst Gemstone will get its title from a Greek phrase “Amethystos” which suggests “not drunken”, and was believed that these gem stones protected the wearer from drunkenness. This gemstone is a violet mauve coloured number of quartz. On the Moh’s Scale, an Amethyst offers 7 out of 10 score in hardness. Its hue varies from gentle pinking violet to deep purple.

The place can we discover Amethyst Stones or Origin?

Mined and extracted from South America, Africa, Soviet Union, Western India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, one of the best sorts of this gemstone is present in Siberia, Brazil and Far East.

How does AMETHYST BENEFITS individuals born within the month of February?

  • Within the Roman and Greek interval, an Amethyst was believed to beat back the results of alcohol.
  • This gemstone is thought to provide magnetic fields identical to a human physique and will increase the vitality degree of the wearer.
  • Additional, an Amethyst supplies rest to the physique and nervous system of the wearer.
  • Dominated by the planet Uranus, the Amethyst is also called the zodiac stone for the constellation of Items.
  • This gemstone supplies the wearer with new concepts, religious progress, and open channels for the upper self.
  • It additionally cures melancholy, grief, stress, ineffective communication and emotional despair. Furthermore, this gemstone enhances energy and cures insomnia.

Why Gemologists advocate to put on an Amethyst?

As a number of gem stones present completely different advantages to the wearers, Amethysts are identified to offer an upturn in monetary circumstances, love life, consolation and luxuries. As this gemstone pertains to the empowerment of focus, it’s useful for individuals coping with the calculations and analysis like students, mathematicians, docs, scientists and physicians.



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