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Astrological Advantages of Blue Sapphire – Neelam Stone

The glowing Blue Sapphires Stone is without doubt one of the most treasured gems and is related to the planet Saturn (Shani). Historically generally known as the birthstone for September, it’s thought-about the simplest gemstone dominated by the strongest planet. The gemstone ought to by no means be worn with out consulting an skilled astrologist and judging the suitability.

Abstract :

Gemstone : Blue Sapphire
Different Names : Neelam(Hindi)
Hardness on Moh’s Scale : 9
Class : Corundum
Ruling Heavenly Physique : Saturn (Shani, based on Vedic Astrology)
Origin : Sri Lanka , Myanmar, Thailand and Madagascar

What are the advantages of carrying Neelam?

  • Blue Sapphire is understood for wealth and prosperity. Additionally the monetary loss incurred previously might be recovered.
  • The gemstone is believed to guard from evil spirits within the setting and unhealthy firm.
  • Fruitful outcomes might be skilled in social, skilled and marital life.
  • Blue Sapphire can well being issues reminiscent of bronchitis, paralyses, gout, madness, rheumatism and so forth. It’s also efficient in curing issues associated to secretive system, bones, knees, enamel, toes, ribs and so forth.
  • It’s also believed that if the gemstone is saved in water for a while then that water is useful to clean off the poison of a Scorpion chew.

Who can put on Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

Saturn (Shani) is taken into account to be essentially the most malefic planet within the photo voltaic system. Blue Sapphire gemstone is worn to please the blue planet or ‘Shani’ (Saturn). The stone is helpful for individuals with zodiac signal Capricorn and Aquarius.

It’s at all times strictly suggested to put on Blue Sapphire upon suggestion by an skilled astrologer solely, as a result of it’s appropriate for under 40-50% of the individuals. Nevertheless, if it seems to be appropriate for somebody, then its constructive outcomes are seen in a short time.

Which steel needs to be used to put on the gemstone?

The minimal weight of the Blue Sapphire stone(Neelam stone) to be worn is 2 carats. It ought to at all times be worn in Silver or Platinum. Gold is strictly forbidden from use in relation to Blue Sapphires because it reverses the constructive results and produces very detrimental results.

How and when to put on the Blue Sapphire Stone?

The gemstone is to be worn on a Saturday within the center finger of the appropriate or the left hand. Earlier than carrying, the stone needs to be saved in a bowl of milk for about an hour after which in rose water.

Which Blue Sapphire Stone is best for astrological function?

Ceylonese Blue Sapphire, which comes from Sri Lanka, is taken into account to be the perfect. For astrological function, it ought to ideally be worn in Silver or Platinum. An unheated and untreated blue sapphire stone with pure shade, increased readability and fewer inner inclusions is taken into account the perfect for such function.

What are the substitutes of Blue Sapphire?

Blue Spinel, Amethyst Stone and Blue Topaz stone are the substitutes of the blue sapphire gemstone. The extraordinarily excessive worth of the dear stone makes it out of the finances’s attain for many individuals. So, the substitutes develop into a better option for the wearers though they’re comparatively much less efficient.

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