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Gemstone Blue Sapphire
Different Names Neelam (in Hindi)
Ruling Planet Saturn
Moh’s Scale 9.0
Particular Gravity 3.95 to 4.03
Metallic to Put on in Silver or Platinum
Origin Sri Lanka , Myanmar, Thailand and Madagascar

Detailed Properties of Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

Blue Sapphire is among the famend and valuable gem stones adored by mankind since ages. The phrase Sapphire means blue in Latin which itself describes the attractive blue shade of the gemstone.

Blue Sapphire (Ceylonese) - Super Luxury (INDRANEELAM)

What are the bodily properties of Neelam Stone?

  • The extraordinarily common stone is the second hardest gemstone after diamond. It has a score of 9.0 on Mohs scale of hardness and particular gravity of the ranges between 3.95 to 4.03.
  • Blue Sapphire is well-known for its spellbound colours, lower, transparency and readability.
  • The sturdy high quality of this gemstone makes it appropriate to be extensively utilized in jewellery of various varieties akin to rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and lots of extra.
  • Amethyst Stone, Blue Spinel and Blue Topaz are the substitutes of the gemstone which look alike however are much less efficient than Blue Sapphire. [ Blue Sapphire Astrological Benefits ]

The place are the Blue Sapphire Stones discovered?

Blue Sapphire Gemstone belongs to the household of mineral Corundum. Sapphires are primarily fashioned from aluminum and have hint parts akin to iron, titanium, chromium and lithium. In contrast to different gem stones, it’s mined from silica poor environments. The deposits will be present in virtually all components of the world together with areas in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Brazil and Madagascar. Blue Sapphire mined from Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful look and thought of the perfect amongst others for astrological goal.

Blue Sapphire (Ceylonese) - Luxury

What are the completely different therapies for Neelam Stone?

Quite a few strategies are used for treating the gem stones to reinforce their bodily qualities and purchase perfection.

  • The pure gemstone is warmth handled in furnaces in temperatures starting from 500°C to 1800 °C for a number of hours.
  • One other observe is heating the Blue Sapphire for round seven days or extra in an oven, poor in nitrogen.
  • It can be irradiated or subtle with beryllium for retaining and enhancing the wonderful great thing about the gemstone.

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