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Craft Enterprise Names (which are really good)

Relying on what number of web sites you’ve visited earlier than touchdown on this web page, you could be uninterested in studying lists of names that aren’t even vaguely associated to crafting (regardless of the way you spin it), overuse the phrase “craft”, or are so fundamental, you understand they’re taken earlier than checking registries.


I hope this checklist is extra useful to you.


This text lets you incorporate your creativity, create a novel mixture of phrases, however affords a number of recommendations and suggestions.



Easy methods to provide you with a craft enterprise identify

To provide you with an excellent craft enterprise identify, it’s essential to first think about your goal market and your model. You could not have thought that far forward, however who your online business/merchandise are for and the sensation you need them to evoke needs to be contemplated earlier than touchdown on a reputation.


  • Step 1 – Know your goal market
  • Step 2 – Outline the texture of your model
  • Step 3 – Select phrases based mostly in your goal market and model
  • Step 4 – Create quite a lot of phrase mixtures
  • Step 5 – Slim down names, take a look at, and examine availability



Step 1 – Know your Goal Market

You began your online business to promote your crafts, proper? So it’s essential to place your clients first, relating to something and the whole lot you do.


Earlier than you begin brainstorming craft enterprise names, take into consideration who your buyer is.


For a similar motive you may’t bake a cake that appeals to everybody, you may’t construct a enterprise that appeals to everybody.


Some folks desire chocolate cake whereas different desire vanilla, or lemon. Some like their muffins actually candy and wealthy, whereas others desire mild and fruity. Some folks desire pie or ice cream over cake, and a few folks don’t like dessert in any respect.


The identical concept applies to your craft enterprise; you may construct one which pleases everybody.


You will need to decide a lane.


Select a buyer you perceive and are sure you may construct a enterprise and merchandise for that they’ll love.


When you’re unsure the place to start out relating to the kind of buyer you’ll goal, try Easy methods to Discover a Goldmine of Prospects.


A enterprise that targets brides will use completely different phrases to create their identify than one which targets individuals who observe yoga.


Let’s say I’ve began a cleaning soap enterprise. As a substitute of constructing common bars of cleaning soap in quite a lot of scents that don’t goal a particular buyer, I determine to focus on brides.


That focus on market (brides), will impression many areas of my enterprise. Resembling, the colours, scents, and labels I select, how I identify my soaps, how I promote them (e.g. in units for bridal social gathering items or marriage ceremony favors), and so on.


One of many areas my goal market (brides) will affect is my enterprise’s identify.


Figuring out I’m concentrating on brides makes it a lot simpler to decide on phrases that allow shoppers know who my soaps are for.


Phrases which have a bridal theme, or are elegant or romantic, would be the most becoming.


Take into account the particular buyer you wish to serve, and the phrases they are going to be drawn to.


Easy methods to Discover a Goldmine of Prospects will assist you decide a worthwhile goal market.



Step 2 – Outline the Really feel of your Model

Your model may be developed over time. However what you do must know from the beginning is the sensation or emotion you need your model to evoke.


Take into consideration your goal market and the kind of feeling, emotion, or vibe they may need from a enterprise, or merchandise, like yours.


For instance, if my goal market is made up of conventional brides, they might need a romantic and chic feeling from a bridal enterprise.


However, if I’m concentrating on gothic brides, they might be going for a daring, dramatic vibe for his or her marriage ceremony.


>> A kids’s craft enterprise might go for a whimsical feeling, or a enjoyable, playful vibe.

>> A card enterprise might go for a sentimental feeling, or a humorous vibe.

>> A jewellery enterprise might go for a stylish vibe or a basic vibe.



The sensation you determine on will affect a number of areas of your craft enterprise.


For instance, if I determine on “daring and dramatic” for the sensation of my model, that may affect:

  • The colours I select for my model
  • The phrases I exploit to explain my merchandise
  • Icon(s) or symbols I exploit for my emblem or graphic parts
  • Props I select for my craft present show (e.g. as an alternative of pink roses I’ll show a vase of black and pink roses on my desk)
  • And so on


And naturally, the sensation or vibe of your model will impression your craft enterprise’s identify.


Describe the sensation you need your merchandise and enterprise to offer off. Hold that feeling in thoughts when exploring potential names in your craft enterprise.



Step 3 – Select phrases based mostly in your Goal Market and Model

Together with your goal market and the sensation of your model in thoughts, brainstorm quite a lot of phrases that align with them.


Your craft enterprise identify will probably mix 2 or extra phrases.


I’ve shared a number of phrase choices beneath.


I’ve damaged phrases into classes and listed examples below every.


You can too let the classes spark your creativeness for phrases to make use of.


You recognize your online business, merchandise, clients, and model greatest, so that you’ll have the ability to provide you with a number of of your individual concepts below some, or all, of the classes.





You’re a creator, so let’s discover completely different phrases that talk that.

  • Artwork
  • Artsy
  • Construct
  • Constructed
  • Assemble
  • Craft
  • Crafted
  • Crafting
  • Crafts
  • Create
  • Creatives
  • Design
  • Kind
  • Hand
  • Handmade
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Think about / Creativeness
    • Dream
    • Kindle
    • Mirror / reflections
    • Spark
  • Made
  • Make
  • Maker
  • Makes
  • Venture
  • Form
  • Fashion



Is your craft enterprise a one-person operation, or do you’ve companions? Discover if any phrases that describe the construction of your online business are worthy of constructing it into your online business identify.

  • Coalition
  • Crew
  • Duo
  • Group
  • Society
  • Sole
  • Solitary
  • Tandem
  • Crew
  • Trio


When you’re forming a partnership with somebody, think about the way you would possibly describe the connection you’ve with your online business associate. Are there nicknames you’ve for one another?


For instance, mother and daughter craft enterprise names might incorporate phrases that describe the connection or how you’re feeling about your mother and/or daughter:

  • Mother and Daughter
    • Loving
    • Caring
    • Comforting / Consolation
    • Maternal




Generally names can work in a enterprise identify, but it surely does have the potential to return off a little bit unimaginative, to not point out, be unavailable (e.g. Jane’s Jewellery is fairly easy and extra more likely to already be in use).


In case you have a novel identify, think about using it, or a part of it, in your online business’s identify.


If there are two of you beginning the craft enterprise, mess around with combining the names. You would even take initials (of first, center, and/or final names) to create a brand new phrase.


You could even work a typical identify into your craft enterprise identify, particularly in case you have a playful model.


For instance:

  • Betsy
  • Polly
  • Susan
  • Molly
  • Jack




Brainstorm synonyms for the phrase you’ll use to explain the sensation of your model.


For instance:

  • Love
    • Pretty
    • Lust
    • Adore
    • Admire
    • Amour
    • Crush
    • Worship


Listed here are another widespread phrases that will describe the sensation of your model:

  • Blissful / Bliss
  • Busy
  • Calm
  • Cozy
  • Crave
  • Daring
  • Dreamy / Dream
  • Enjoyment / take pleasure in
  • Glad
  • Impressed
  • Pleasure
  • Energetic
  • Love
  • Merry
  • Nostalgia / Nostalgic
  • Peaceable / Peace
  • Playful
  • Current
  • Pleasure
  • Proud
  • Refresh
  • Relaxed / Loosen up
  • Romantic
  • Serene
  • Grateful
  • Tranquil



You can too discover adjectives that describe your merchandise, enterprise, or model.

  • Lovely
  • Massive
  • Daring
  • Vivid
  • Clear
  • Pleasant
  • Distinguished
  • Keen
  • Elegant
  • Fancy
  • Female
  • Match
  • Humorous
  • Light
  • Glamourous
  • Sort
  • Masculine
  • Gradual
  • Small
  • Smooth
  • Sturdy
  • Sensible
  • Fantastic
  • Woven




Take into account your goal market and the persona traits they may have, phrases that is perhaps used to explain them, or labels they might have.


For instance:

  • Persona traits
    • Agreeable
    • Charming
    • Assured
    • Empathetic
    • Quirky
  • Descriptions
    • Enticing
    • Brave
    • Pleasant
    • Real
    • Girly
  • Labels
    • Bachelor
    • Foodie
    • Jetsetter
    • Mamma Bear
    • Tree hugger



How would possibly you, or somebody, describe the model of your crafts or artwork?

  • Fashionable
  • Cute
  • Classic
  • Farmhouse
  • Fairly
  • Industrial
  • Contemporary
  • Stylish
  • Punk



Take into account your goal market and the kind of way of life they reside, or would possibly wish to reside.

  • Lively
  • Wholesome
  • Minimalist
  • Non secular
  • Sustainable



Is there a location that conjures up you or your creations?

  • Nation
  • Metropolis
  • City
  • Vacation spot
    • Seashore
    • Creek
    • Forest
    • Lake
    • Mountains
    • Ocean
    • River
    • Trails


You could even discover icons, symbols, landmarks, and so on. which are related to a location.


For instance, among the issues Canada is understood for:

  • The Rocky Mountains
  • Maple; maple tree, maple leaf, maple syrup
  • Northern Lights
  • The beaver
  • And so on


Or maybe a phrase that greatest describes the place your merchandise are made, displayed, or offered.

  • Boutique
  • Craft room
  • Gallery
  • Lab
  • Market
  • Studio


Or the place your elements/supplies are derived from. For instance:

  • Nature
  • Sea
  • Backyard
  • Reclaimed
  • Beehive



Colours can evoke a sense, as can patterns. For instance, polka-dots have a playful feeling.


Take into account which shade(s) talk the sensation of your model, variations of that shade, and even objects which are related to that shade.


For instance:

  • Blue – variations of blue and blue objects:
    • Azure
    • Blueberries
    • Cobalt
    • Indigo
    • Neptune
    • Ocean
    • Robin’s Egg
    • Royal
    • Sapphire
    • Sky
    • Teal


Attempt to do the identical with different colours within the rainbow:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Inexperienced
  • Gray
  • Indigo
  • Orange
  • Crimson
  • Silver
  • Violet
  • White
  • Yellow



Discover standard patterns and if any are becoming in your model:

  • Camouflage
  • Checkered
  • Chevron
  • Damask
  • Gingham
  • Herringbone
  • Houndstooth
  • Lace
  • Paisley
  • Plaid
  • Polka-dot
  • Stripe/stripes/striped/pinstripe
  • Toile



Are there animals or bugs that characterize the sensation of your model, or are sometimes related to the merchandise you promote (e.g. the settings they’re utilized in, the supplies they use, and so on.)?


Discover animals and bugs and the different sorts or names for every.


For instance:

  • Fowl
    • Canary
    • Hawk
    • Hummingbird
    • Parrot
    • Songbird


  • Bee
  • Fowl (discover various kinds of birds, e.g. hummingbird)
  • Cat / Feline / Kitty
  • Dragonfly
  • Fly
  • Fox
  • Ladybug
  • Llama
  • Owl
  • Pig / piggy
  • Rabbit / bunny
  • Scorpion
  • Unicorn
  • Wolf



There are a lot of areas to discover below “crops” similar to timber, flowers, fruits, herbs, greens.


Many crops merely have stunning or attention-grabbing names. However some might even characterize one thing that’s becoming for your online business or model.


For instance, mint is usually related to contemporary or refreshing.


You could even analysis the that means of a tree, flower, or plant, or what they symbolize.


You can too take the sensation of your model and Google “what __________ (flower, tree, and so on.) represents/symbolizes _______ (feeling)”. E.g. “what tree symbolizes peace”.



  • Ash
  • Fruit timber (e.g. Fig tree)
  • Juniper
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Willow


Edible crops

  • Beet
  • Lemon
  • Mint
  • Pear
  • Radish


Flower or Crops

  • Bamboo
  • Cactus
  • Fern
  • Lily
  • Orchid
  • Peony
  • Rose



Though you could not promoting edible merchandise, there could also be a style or taste that describes your model or product model. You would even discover meals names that correlate with a style (e.g. “lemon” to explain bitter or “honey” or “sugar” for candy).

  • Acid
  • Bitter
  • Pickled
  •  Salty
  • Bitter
  • Spicy/spice
  • Candy



Are your merchandise tied to a particular time of the day, week, or yr? Or even perhaps a season?


Discover the names for the time of day/week/month/yr your merchandise is perhaps used, or that evoke a sense associated to your model.


  • Day
    • 6am – becoming for morning associated merchandise
    • Midday – lunch hour, break time
    • 5 o clock – quitting time, glad hour
  • Week
    • Mondays – usually associated to again to work
    • Fridays – enjoyable
    • Lazy Sundays
  • Month
    • January – new begin, resolutions
    • June or July – summer time, warmth, weddings
    • September – fall style or again to high school
  • 12 months
    • Spring / Springtime – additionally think about phrases affiliate with the time of yr (e.g. buds, bloom, and so on.)
    • Summer time / canine days
    • Fall / Autumn / Harvest
    • Winter




You possibly can discover phrases which are associated to your craft or commerce.


I do advocate a small craft enterprise give attention to one class of merchandise to keep away from changing into a Jack of all trades, grasp of none. Nonetheless, be certain to not pigeonhole your online business by selecting a phrase that’s too particular.


For instance, when you use “pillows” in your craft enterprise identify, it will not be becoming down the road when you determine to develop to quite a lot of house items sooner or later.


Take into account the commerce or craft your merchandise would fall below, and the phrases that describe the maker, instruments, strategies, and supplies in addition to associated phrases.


Additionally take into consideration the “use” of your merchandise; the place are usually worn, used, displayed, saved, and so on.?



Wooden craft enterprise phrases

The next are phrases that may be mixed with different phrases listed on this article, to create a wooden craft enterprise identify.


  • Maker
    • Woodworker
    • Woodworks
    • Woodcraft
  • Instruments
    • Workbench
    • Noticed
    • Chisel
    • Sander
  • Methods
    • Lower / cuts
    • Carve / carving
    • Dovetail
  • Supplies
  • Use


Jewellery craft enterprise phrases

The next are phrases that may be mixed with different phrases listed on this article, to create a jewellery craft enterprise identify.


  • Maker
    • Jeweler
    • Silversmith
    • Metalsmith
  • Instruments
  • Methods
  • Supplies
    • Gems
    • Jewels
    • Clasp
    • Steel
    • Beads
    • Wire
  •  Use
    • Marriage ceremony / bridal
    • Boudoir
    • Closet
    • Jewellery field


Paper or Stationery craft enterprise phrases

The next are phrases that may be mixed with different phrases listed on this article, to create a stationery craft enterprise identify.


  • Maker
    • Papermaker
    • Paper mill
    • Stationer
    • Illustrator
  • Instruments
    • Press / printing press
    • Printer / prints
    • Paper cutter / paper lower
  • Methods
    • Display print
    • Emboss
    • Letterpress
  • Supplies
  • Use
    • Mail / mailbox
    • College / Schoolhouse / Halls / Classroom
    • Events (e.g. birthdays)



Stitching craft enterprise phrases

The next are phrases that may be mixed with different phrases listed on this article, to create a stitching craft enterprise identify.


  • Maker
  • Instruments
    • Needle
    • Shears / scissors
    • Pins / pincushion
  • Methods
    • Sew / stitching / stitches
    • Serge
    • Hem
  • Supplies
    • Thread
    • Cloth (particular sort, e.g. velvet, leather-based, and so on.)
    • Textile
  • Use



Cleaning soap craft enterprise phrases

The next are phrases that may be mixed with different phrases listed on this article, to create a cleaning soap craft enterprise identify.


  • Maker
  • Instruments
  • Methods
  • Supplies
    • Oil
    • Discover elements that make your soaps distinctive (e.g. if I included pure elements I “nature” can be an excellent phrase. If I create wine-themed cleaning soap “wine”, “vino”, “grapes”, and so on. can be becoming).
  • Use




Take into consideration the advantages your merchandise supply. How does your goal market hope to feel and appear due to your merchandise?


For instance:



Bathtub & Physique


Residence décor




Why did you begin your online business and what do you hope to realize? Write a sentence or two describing the mission you’ve for your online business and see if there are any phrases that may very well be included into your craft enterprise’s identify.




Earlier than you progress onto the subsequent step, attempt increasing upon phrases or classes which are extra related to your online business.


If there’s a phrase you want within the lists I’ve offered, attempt typing that phrase into Thesaurus.com and see if there are any synonyms that will even be applicable.


For instance, let’s say I promote cleaning soap that comes with flower petals and floral scents, and I’m concentrating on brides. I’ll provide you with the next phrases:

  • Bells
  • Blooms / blooming
  • Bridal
  • Dove (a fowl that symbolizes love)
  • I do
  • Kiss
  • Lye
  • Match
  • Nuptial
  • Pearls
  • Petals
  • Promise
  • Pure
  • Pores and skin
  • Soak
  • Suds
  • Union
  • Vows
  • White Jasmine tree (symbolizes love)



You may additionally attempt Google-ing companies like yours and see what sorts of phrases they use of their names.


You don’t wish to copy one other enterprise’s identify, or make your online business identify too related, however you could discover a phrase that stands out, or that sparks a brand new concept for you.



Step 4 – Create quite a lot of phrase mixtures

Undergo the checklist and spotlight or make notice of any phrases that make sense in your craft enterprise.


Together with your checklist of related phrases, begin creating distinctive mixtures.


Most often, you’ll wish to mix an adjective and a noun


Adjective + Noun = Descriptive Craft Enterprise Identify


*However, after all, there are exceptions to that rule.


You don’t need your identify to be too lengthy, difficult, or onerous to spell, particularly for on-line functions.


Individuals ought to have the ability to shortly sort your store identify or web site URL right into a browser or search bar.


In case your identify incorporates too many phrases and is just too lengthy, there are extra alternatives for misspells.


Strive working with 2 – 3 phrases.


If the phrases you select are easy, brief, and simple to spell, you could discover it’s okay in your identify to have greater than 3 phrases.


You possibly can both provide you with phrase mixtures by yourself, or use an automatic device, similar to http://www.bustaname.com/


An automatic device gives you quite a lot of identify recommendations, however lots of them received’t use phrase mixtures that make sense. So be ready to have a protracted checklist to edit.




Let’s have a look at my flower-infused soaps for brides once more. My checklist of phrases could also be:

  • Bells
  • Bliss
  • Blooms / blooming
  • Blue
  • Bridal
  • Dove
  • Backyard
  • I do
  • Kiss
  • Lace
  • Lather
  • Love / lust / adore/ beautiful / and so on.
  • Lye
  • Match
  • Nuptial
  • Pearls
  • Petals
  • Polished
  • Fairly
  • Promise
  • Pure
  • Romantic
  • Saturday (because it’s the preferred day for weddings)
  • Pores and skin
  • Soak
  • Suds
  • Candy
  • Union
  • Vows
  • White
  • White Jasmine tree


Now I’d play with completely different mixtures utilizing 2 – 3 phrases

  • White Lace Lather
  • Candy Saturday Lathers
  • Candy Saturday Suds
  • Blissful Suds
  • Pretty Lye Lather
  • Lathered Love Saturdays
  • Blue Lather
  • Pure Petals
  • Lathered Petals
  • Lathered Guarantees
  • Polished Petals & Pearls
  • Saturday Suds & Vows
  • White Jasmine Lathers
  • Blooming Lathers



Strive to not overthink the mixtures an excessive amount of at this level; merely create a protracted checklist of choices.


When you’re happy along with your checklist, then you may return and take away names that aren’t a match or don’t make sense.



Catchy Distinctive Craft Enterprise Names

Beneath are some catchy distinctive craft enterprise names that mix 2 or extra of the phrases shared on this article.


I’ve not checked to see if these names can be found, and received’t be updating this checklist as names do turn into free or taken.


It’s as much as you to conduct the right analysis earlier than selecting a reputation, to make sure it’s out there and doesn’t infringe on mental property rights.


Common Craft Enterprise Names

  • Constructed Blissful
  • Crafted Trio
  • Artful Assemble
  • Create Coalition
  • Design Trails
  • Dream Society
  • Dream Trio
  • Creativeness River
  • Creativeness Society
  • Maker Duo
  • Maker Mountains
  • Maker Society
  • Solitary Fashion


Wooden Craft Enterprise Names

  • Black Creek Cuts
  • Blissful Workbench
  • Constructed Blissful Décor
  • Carved Dream Trio
  • Carving Coalition
  • Carving Assemble
  • Carving Craft Trio
  • Carving Goals
  • Chiselled Trails
  • Constructed Cuts Décor
  • Artful Cuts Assemble
  • Creating Cuts Coalition
  • Lower Maker Society
  • Dovetail Décor Goals
  • Dovetail Dream
  • Dream Society Décor
  • Dream Society Décor
  • Dream Society Woodworks
  • Dream Society Woodworks
  • Dreamy September Décor
  • Farmhouse Design Trails
  • Herringbone Residence
  • Creativeness Décor River
  • Creativeness Interiors Society
  • Creativeness Woodworks Society
  • Lumber Coalition
  • Lumber Trails
  • Maker Mountain Cuts
  • Maker Mountain Woodworks
  • Making Cuts Society
  • Pickled Pine Décor
  • Pine Maker Society
  • Noticed Society
  • Sawdust Duo
  • Sawdust Making Duo
  • Sawdust Mountains
  • Sawdust River
  • Solitary Sander
  • Solitary Noticed Fashion
  • The Chiselled Cactus
  • The Artful Woodworker Trio
  • White Wolf Woodworks
  • Wooden Maker Duo
  • Woodworks Coalition



Jewellery Craft Enterprise Names

  • Camouflaged Charms
  • Charming Gems
  • Clasp Coalition / Clasped Coalition
  • Assured Charms
  • Crafted Jewellery Field
  • Dream Society Jeweler
  • Engraved Creativeness
  • Creativeness Silversmith Society
  • Jewellery Field Boudoir
  • Maker Mountain Steel
  • Maker Mountain Metalsmith
  • Steel Maker Duo
  • Silversmith Society
  • The Crafted Clasp
  • The Solitary Gem
  • Torched Trails


Paper or Stationery craft enterprise names

  • Dream Society Illustrations
  • Creativeness Letterpress
  • Monday Mail
  • Paper Mill Trio
  • Paper Pressed Trails
  • Paper River
  • Paper Station
  • Papermaker Mountain
  • Papermaker Society
  • Papermill Mountain
  • Display Print Society
  • Sending Bliss
  • Solitary Stationer
  • Stationer Coalition


Stitching craft enterprise names

  • Blissful Hems
  • Crafting Textile Trio
  • Pincushion Goals
  • Seam Maker
  • Seamstress Society
  • Serging Society
  • Solitary Stiches
  • Tailor-made Creativeness
  • Tailor-made Trio



Cleaning soap craft enterprise names

  • Blended Bliss
  • Blissful Blends
  • Clear Coalition
  • Crafted Magnificence
  • Dream Trio
  • Creativeness Blends
  • Lather Society
  • Lathered River
  • Cleaning soap Society
  • Solitary Soaper




Upon getting your checklist of names, attempt taking part in round with some out of the field concepts, similar to mis-spelling phrases, combining phrases to create a brand new one, and even utilizing components of phrases.


Matt & Nat is a well-liked model, and the identify was created by shortening “supplies” and “nature”, after which including an additional “t” to “mat”.


Suppose exterior the field as soon as you discover phrases you’re keen on.


Nonetheless, do take into account, it’s more durable to market a enterprise with a reputation that’s not self-explanatory.


For instance, if I began a enterprise promoting cat merchandise and mixed two of my cat’s names (Joshua and Charlie), I’ll provide you with Joschar. However with out realizing the backstory on the identify, would you’ve the slightest clue what I promote?


However, if I informed you my enterprise’s identify is The Playful Kitten, you’ll instantly get an concept of what I promote and know when you’re concerned with my enterprise.




Mess around with the spelling of your chosen phrases. You don’t need your craft enterprise identify to be tough to spell or pronounce, so maintain it easy.


You additionally don’t need your identify to be infringing on one other enterprise’s identify and be too related in order that if somebody hears your online business’s identify however spells it accurately, they’re not despatched to a competitor’s web site.



New Phrases

Strive combining two phrases to create a brand new phrase. For instance, “blissful suds” might turn into “Blissuds”. Or, “pure petals” might turn into “Puretals”.


Not the very best examples, however you get the concept.




Strive taking the primary letter of the phrases in your identify and creating an acronym. For instance, “white jasmine lathers” might turn into W.J Lathers.




Step 5 – Slim down names, take a look at, and examine availability

As soon as you’re feeling you’ve exhausted all of your identify choices, undergo your checklist and begin crossing any off that don’t appear to be an excellent match, proper off the bat.


As your checklist will get smaller and also you’re deciding between just a few, use the next pointers to check a reputation:


Simple to spell

You need clients to have the ability to simply discover you on-line, so your craft enterprise identify needs to be straightforward to sort into browsers.


Simple to print

You’ll be printing the identify you finally select on enterprise playing cards, labels, tags, and so on. so that you additionally wish to be certain it is going to simply match on printed materials.


If a reputation is just too lengthy, you’ll must lower the font measurement to suit it on tags or enterprise playing cards, making it tough to learn.



Rolls off the tongue

Strive saying the chosen enterprise identify out loud a number of instances. You’ll must share it with many individuals, and doubtlessly even in media interviews, so that you don’t need your craft enterprise identify to be a tongue-twister.


Isn’t proscribing

Take into consideration the way forward for your craft enterprise; what may it doubtlessly develop into? Proper now, you could simply be fascinated about promoting at just a few craft exhibits or on Etsy. However what if your online business takes off and turns into an even bigger enterprise than you initially deliberate. Will the identify you’re contemplating nonetheless be becoming?


For instance, if I begin a candle enterprise and name it “Lazy Creek Candles”, the identify will not be as becoming if I ultimately develop my enterprise to incorporate house fragrances and soaps.




As talked about, you may provide you with a unique identify by making a brand new phrase or acronym, however it may well pose a problem relating to advertising and marketing.


In most eventualities, it’s useful in your craft enterprise identify to speak some data to the buyer.


It doesn’t essentially want to inform them precisely what you promote (e.g. “Elegant Boho Jewellery”), but it surely ought to, on the very least, give a shopper a really feel for whether or not or not your online business is a match for them (e.g. “Bluebell Boho” tells shoppers there’s a bohemian vibe to no matter I’m promoting).


In case your chosen identify doesn’t share what you promote, does it talk the sensation of your model, the model of your merchandise, the values of your online business, and so on.?




When you determine on a reputation you’re keen on, or just a few, it’s time to examine if it’s out there.


Most significantly, you wish to be certain you’re following legal guidelines and never infringing on mental property.


Listed here are different legal guidelines you’ll must observe: Legal guidelines for Promoting Handmade


You are able to do a fast Web search to see if one other enterprise is already utilizing the identify.


You also needs to search enterprise registry databases and trademark databases for the jurisdiction you propose to function your online business in.



Secondly, you’ll wish to examine that the area is accessible (i.e. www.YourCraftBusinessName.com).


These are the 2 most essential, however you’ll additionally wish to examine and leap on registering:

  • Etsy store identify
  • Social media accounts



What is an effective craft enterprise identify?

A very good craft enterprise identify evokes a sense, delivers a message, and communicates who the enterprise is for.



What ought to I identify my craft enterprise?

Earlier than you determine what to call your craft enterprise, give your self time to sleep on the highest runners, share them with family and friends, and say them out loud. You also needs to write them down and examine to see if the area, social media handles, and different accounts (e.g. Etsy store identify) can be found.


You clearly should additionally examine that the identify isn’t taken by one other enterprise or infringing on mental property.


You’ll discover a checklist of legal guidelines to observe right here: Legal guidelines for Promoting Handmade


The identify you finally select needs to be authorized, roll off the tongue, and be straightforward to put in writing, sort, and spell.



I hope this text has helped spark some identify concepts in your craft enterprise 🙂



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