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Give Thanks for November Birthstones: Citrine and Topaz

citrine and topaz stones
Citrine and topaz birthstones

Jewellery lovers have an incredible selection for November birthstones—two lovely golden, autumn-hued gems: citrine and topaz. Don’t fear…if golden-orange isn’t your factor, topaz additionally is available in a rainbow of colours. We’ll spotlight “need-to-know” information about every, however they’ve a number of issues in widespread: in accordance with the GIA, each are reasonably priced and in sturdy provide; and each are identified for his or her calming, cheerful therapeutic properties.

Topaz shade varieties

Topaz: a rainbow of shimmery colours

  • Most individuals consider topaz as yellow or blue, however it’s additionally present in pink, purple, brown, and generally purple.
  • Many blue topazes in jewellery are literally clear topaz that’s been warmth handled.
  • Historic Greeks believed it gave power to the wearer; whereas medieval Europe thought it might negate magic spells and maintain the wearer secure.
  • “Imperial topaz,” essentially the most wanted, is pinkish orange; “mystic topaz” has a rainbow impact that’s created by coating clear topaz with a man-made movie.
  • When it comes to therapeutic properties, topaz is believed to deliver pleasure, generosity, abundance and good well being; it’s referred to as a stone that brings the wearer love and luck.

Citrine: the gem of positivity

  • This quartz selection seems in clear yellow to brownish orange. Prior to now, it was usually confused with yellow topaz.
  • Its title is believed to come back from the French for lemon, “citron.” Till the 16th century, it was referred to as “yellow quartz.”
  • Most citrines at the moment are literally heat-treated amethysts. These are typically extra of a burnt-orange in tone; pure citrines are paler yellow.
  • In accordance with the GIA, citrine is likely one of the most reasonably priced and exquisite yellow gems.
  • Ametrine is a very lovely gemstone—it’s a mixture of purple amethyst and golden citrine in a single stone. These are primarily present in Bolivia.
  • It’s the happiness gemstone: citrine is believed to boost the wearer’s vanity and self-confidence, stimulate the mind, and enhance positivity and optimism.
ametrine ring
Ametrine: amethyst/citrine in a single stone

Caring suggestions for topaz and citrine

  • Topaz will not be an particularly robust stone, so the GIA recommends being cautious to not chip or crack the gems in your jewellery. Avoid excessive warmth (like steam cleaners) or sudden temperature modifications, which might weaken the interior construction.
  • Citrine is comparatively sturdy and may stand up to regular put on in jewellery. Avoid steam cleansing, which might crack the stone.
  • Each stones are finest cleaned with heat, soapy water.

Find out how to purchase topaz and citrine

  • Colour is crucial issue for each gems. Search for saturated shade with little brown tinge.
  • Neither stone ought to have any seen inclusions. Plus, neither stone is priced a lot greater resulting from measurement, so many designers use them for bigger, daring jewellery items.

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