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Hessonite Stone Properties & Remedies

Detailed Properties of Hessonite Gemstone:

The semiprecious gemstone Hessonite is a well-liked alternative for all people throughout the globe. The Gomed Stone comes beneath the group of Navagraha stones as per the Vedic Astrology.

What are the bodily properties of Hessonite ?

  • Hessonite Stone is discovered in numerous colours akin to orange, brown or orangish brown colour. Presence of hint components iron and manganese are answerable for the gorgeous shades of the stone.
  • The precise gravity of the gemstone is 3.61 and the hardness on Mohs scale ranges from 7 to 7.5.
  • Hessonites ranging between the weights 2 to five carats are useful and are in big demand.
  • Orange Zircon and Spessartite are identified to be the astrological substitutes of Hessonite Stone .

Gemstone Hessonite
Different Names Gomed, Gomedhaka, Cinnamon Stone
Ruling Planet Rahu
Moh’s Scale 7 to 7.5
Particular Gravity 3.61
Steel to Put on in Silver
Origin India, Sri Lanka and Africa

The place are the Gomed Stones shaped and located?

The gemstone is often present in limestone deposits or in alluvial deposits all over the world. Particularly Hessonite Stones are present in Sri Lanka (earlier Ceylon), India, Brazil, California and components of Africa. Sri Lanka is well-known for producing the best high quality of such gem stones and is in big demand for his or her astrological advantages . Hessonite can also be known as the Cinnamon Stone due to its origin within the land of spices- Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). The stones from India and Africa are fairly low in high quality nonetheless, are chosen for his or her inexpensive charges.

What are the Hessonite therapy methodologies ?

Numerous varieties of Hessonite therapies are carried out to reinforce the standard, shine, colour, readability, transparency, and so on of the gem stones. The tactic is often carried out within the manufacturing stage. Nonetheless, in case of Hessonites there is no such thing as a particular therapy carried out. Therefore, many of the gem stones accessible out there are pure.

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