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In-the-Hoop Snuggly Snowman Sew-Alongside – Sew Day by day

Sew a cute wintertime snowman companion fully within the hoop. Use tender minky cloth to make him further cuddlable. Obtain the embroidery design free till Dec. 31, 2021. Discover the design within the Sew Day by day store after the expiration.  

Collage of front and back of snuggly snowman machine embroidery project


Supplies listed are sufficient to make one 3 1/2”x6” stuffed in-the-hoop snowman. 

  • Two 5”x8” rectangles of white minky with the nap operating lengthwise 
  • Mediumweight cut-away stabilizer 
  • Water-soluble topper 
  • Thread: bobbin and embroidery 
  • Embroidery or painter’s tape 
  • Polyester fiberfill 
  • Chopstick or related software 
  • Hand-sewing needle 

Put together

  • Load the design onto the machine. 
  • Wind a bobbin with white 40-wt. embroidery thread.  
  • Hoop a chunk of cut-away stabilizer. 

Embroider a Snowman In-the-Hoop

1. Middle one minky rectangle proper facet up over the ring with the nap operating towards the ring decrease edge. Tape in place. Clean the nap down, then place a chunk of water-soluble topper over the minky. Tape the topper in place.  

TIP: For further safety, use your machine’s baste-in-the-hoop perform to tack all layers down.  2. Place the ring onto the machine and embroider step 1 to sew the snowman define.  

2. Embroider steps 2-5 to embroider the eyes and buttons, nostril, mouth, and bow tie, altering colours as instructed.  

3. Take away the ring from the machine, however don’t take away the challenge from the ring. Rigorously tear the surplus topper away from the embroidery.  

4. Clean down the nap of the remaining minky rectangle, then heart it proper facet down over the ring with the nap operating towards the ring decrease edge, ensuring to cowl all stitches. Tape in place.  

5. Place the 40-wt. white bobbin into the machine and thread the machine with matching white embroidery thread. Re-place the ring onto the machine and embroider step 6 to sew the closing define.  

Snuggly snowman in-the-hoop project


Take away the ring from the machine and the challenge from the ring. Reduce across the challenge perimeter roughly 1/4” from the stitching, however go away a 1/2” seam allowance alongside the open decrease edge. Clip into the corners. Flip the snowman proper facet out by means of the opening. 

Stuff the snowman with fiberfill. Use a chopstick or related software to push the fiberfill into the top part by means of the neck. 

Flip the 1/2” seam allowance in and hand sew the open closed utilizing a ladder or whip sew, following the stitching line on the entrance as a information.  


Shannon Materials carries minky cloth:

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