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Pink coral is related to Mars (Mangal), the fourth planet of the universe. Also called Moonga, the gemstone helps in minimizing the destructive results of the planet. The blood-red coloured coral stone is in big demand for its astonishing influence on the wearer. The change may be realized in all spheres of life.

Gemstone Pink Coral
Different Names Moonga
Ruling Planet (Vedic Astrology) Mars
Moh’s Scale 3.5
Particular Gravity 2.65
Indicators Dominated Aries, Scorpio
Steel to Put on in Gold or Silver
Origin India, Italy, Japan, France

Detailed Properties of Pink Coral Stone :

Pink Coral or the Moonga Stone is related to the planet Mars. Pink Coral may be very lovely and uncommon creation of Mom Nature for human beings.

  • The gemstone has a ranking of three.5 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness and particular gravity index is 2.65.
  • Coral is present in quite a lot of colours; nonetheless the blood purple shade of the Pink Coral is in big demand all all over the world.
  • Aside from the utilization of coral in making all types of jewellery, it is usually designed into beads and used for carving figures, statues and so on.
  • The originality of the Pink Coral may be decided by inserting it in cow’s milk. If the milk turns into pink or reddish, be assured that the coral is pure. [Click To Know Red Coral Astrological Benefits ]
  • A particular magical impact of the stone is that it really works as an indicator for forthcoming misfortune. The colour modifications if the wearer is about to endure from sickness in future. [Click To Know Red Coral Substitute]
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How are they shaped?

Pink Coral is an natural gemstone. It’s a very distinctive stone in its personal means of origin. The gemstone is shaped from skeleton of polyps, plant-like animals. The organism retains rising naturally into colonies underneath the ocean mattress. The gemstone resembles an underwater colourful plant. Coral is mainly a type of calcium carbonate.

The place they’re discovered?

Pink Coral Stone is discovered in lots of components of the world together with international locations like Japan, France, India, Italy, Australia, Japan, U.S.A, China and so forth. Barrier Reef of Queensland, Australia is the main producer of the stone. Nonetheless, Sardinia and Tunisia are recognized for producing the optimum high quality corals.

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