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Ruby is taken into account to be the rarest and strongest gem within the universe. As talked about in varied mythological scriptures, that is probably the most treasured of the 12 stones created by God whereas creating life. Broadly referred to as Ratnaraj Ratnanayaka, Padmaraga (in Sanskrit language), and this costly stone holds a really particular place within the science of astrology.

The Ruby is finest described because the “king of treasured stones”. With the intention to achieve most advantages out of Ruby Stone, the wearer should verify its suitability from the Gems Specialists. Ruby Gemstone is understood to offer the very best outcomes when worn within the ring finger of proper hand, on a Sunday morning. Furthermore, when it’s worn with a talisman set of gold, it generates marvelous have an effect on. For higher outcomes the ruby gemstone needs to be lustrous, clear and uniform in colour. In a nutshell, the dear stone needs to be interesting to the attention and free from any defects.

Gemstone Ruby
Hindi Title Manak
Moh’s Scale 9
Colours Crimson, brownish, purplish or pinkish
Origin Myanmar, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania
Ruling Planet Solar
Steel to put on with Gold, Copper
Indicators Dominated Leo
Day to Put on Sunday on ring finger of proper hand

Detailed Properties of Ruby Stone :

  • Ruby Stone is understood for its readability and sturdiness having a ranking of 9.0 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness and particular gravity index is 4.0.
  • The attention-catching colour of the dear stone is because of the presence of impurities within the type of hint parts chromium or iron inside the crystal construction of the gemstone. Ruby, the King of Crimson Gems is well-known for enhancing self-worth, willpower, well being and prosperity.
  • The mining strategy of Ruby Gemstone takes place in quite a few areas throughout the globe, like Myanmar, Kenya, Thailand, Tanzania, Madagascar, Vietnam, Nepal, Tajikistan, Pakistan and lots of extra. Mogok (in Myanmar) is named the birthplace of Rubies, a premier supply of ruby for greater than 800 years.
  • Myanmar (earlier Burma) is taken into account to be the main producer of the dear stone. Rubies have been present in a lot of completely different areas of Myanmar. These embrace Sagyin (close to Mandalay), Thabeitkyin, Naniazeik (close to Myitkyina), Mogok and, most lately, Mong Hsu (central Shan state). Nonetheless, Thailand and Myanmar holds the title for producing the optimum high quality Rubies.
  • The blood pink colour of the dear stone leaves the viewers spellbound. With the intention to enhance the colour and reduce the roughness of the unique stone, Ruby is handled with the appliance of warmth. For round 20 to half-hour these stones are heated over charcoal on temperature various between 1300°C to 1800 °C.
  • The method of filling the fractures contained in the ruby with lead glass has emerged as one of the crucial ceaselessly used measures for remedy. This improves the transparency of the gemstone, making it excellent to be embedded in a variety of knickknack. After the warmth remedy, these Rubies are polished by skilled and knowledgeable gemologists to offer these with excellent end.



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