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Substitutes of Crimson Coral Stone

Gemstone Crimson Coral (Moonga)
Substitutes Carnelian, Crimson Agate and Crimson Onex
Ruling Planet (Vedic Astrology) Mars
Indicators Dominated Aries, Scorpio
Day to Put on Tuesday morning on ring finger or index finger of the appropriate hand
Metallic to Put on in Gold or Silver

  • Carnelian

    Carnelian is a darkish coloured number of silica mineral chalcedony. The presence of the impurities of iron oxide is chargeable for its big selection of colours from pale orange to virtually brown. The stone is present in international locations like India, Siberia, Brazil, and Germany. The stone helps in emotional and religious improvement of a person. The qualities corresponding to self-worth wearer, duty, dedication, and so forth are enhanced. The wearer comes out of the state of despair. It additionally has nice medicinal worth as nicely. It helps in rapid blood clotting in case of a minimize or physique harm. It saves from frequent fever, allergy, cures impotency and plenty of extra.

  • Crimson Agate

    Crimson Agate is a microcrystalline number of chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz household. The gorgeous mineral is discovered throughout the globe, particularly Mexico, India, United States, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China and Africa. Crimson Agate is a stone of creativity, sexuality, vibrant power, will energy and fervour in love. It is usually useful in stopping frequent sickness.

  • Crimson Onxy

    It is usually a semi-precious stone from the Quartz household, a mineral number of chalcedony. Crimson Onyx relieves from in depth bodily or psychological stress. It helps in selling vigor, confidence, self-control and stamina. Is also a helpful in therapeutic wounds, treating eye issues, mobile regeneration and so forth. This stone could be present in United States, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Some Often Requested Questions:

  • Is the impact of the substitutes identical as that of the Crimson Coral?

    No. All these stones look related and have related astrological properties , however the profit can be lesser as in comparison with Crimson Coral . The length of attaining the fascinating end result from substitutes additionally will increase.

  • Ought to the burden of the substitute be the identical because the Crimson Coral really helpful to me?

    No, the substitute ought to be worn in giant weight as evaluate to the principle gemstone. For instance: Crimson Coral is advisable to be worn in weights from 3 carats to eight carats. The substitute ought to all the time be heavier than that of the unique weight suggested by the astrologer.

  • Can I exchange the substitute stone sooner or later with Crimson Coral?

    Sure, based on our coverage you possibly can exchange the substitute with the unique gemstone. You may see right here for our coverage:

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