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Substitutes of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Gemstone Pukhraj
Different Names Push Raja, Peetmani, Yellow Sapphire
Substitutes Yellow Topaz and Citrine (Sunela)
Ruling Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati)
Indicators Dominated Sagittarius, Pisces
Day & Time to Put on Thursday Morning of Shukla Paksha
Steel to Put on in Gold (or alternatively, Panchdhatu)
Colours inexperienced, purple, corundum blue, yellow and orange
Origin India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, USA, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Detailed Description of Yellow Sapphire Substitute

Whereas Yellow Sapphire is a gemstone a lot in demand, attributable to its helpful properties and astrological use, its costly value is without doubt one of the foremost explanation why persons are unable to afford it and profit from it. Nonetheless, there are a couple of Yellow Sapphire Substitute gem stones which can be way more inexpensive. The 2 foremost substitutes for Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone are Citrine and Yellow Topaz. Not solely do they appear comparable, however their astrological properties are comparable too. Nonetheless, these gem stones is not going to give the identical results and advantages, the impact can be lesser as in comparison with a Yellow Sapphire Stone of Good High quality. Nonetheless, for the value these gem stones are a superb deal.

Citrine Stone :

Citrine is a sort of quartz, which is extracted from the earth in pale yellow to brown shade of color. This stone derives its title from a Latin phrase ‘Citrina’ which has a which means ‘yellow’. The yellowish color of Citrine is because of a touch of ferrous content material. It’s primarily extracted in Brazil’s state Rio Grande do Sul and relaxation in Bolivia, Soviet Union and Africa.

Citrine is taken as a alternative for Yellow Sapphire for its comparable Shine, Color and Helpful properties as much as an extent. This gemstone is without doubt one of the three birthstones for the individuals who took beginning within the month of November. Citrine can be referred to as as ‘Product owner’s stone’ and is believed to reinforce the money circulation and sale. With the therapeutic properties like cleaning and eliminating poisons in digestive and endocrine system, relieving melancholy, will increase self worth and offers pleasure and like to the wearer, this stone proves to be a substitute for Pukhraj stone.

Yellow Topaz :

Yellow Topaz is an impressive gemstone, discovered inside Pegmatite and Granite deposits in Czech Republic, Norway, Germany, Nigeria, Australia, Tasmania, Brazil and Pakistan. This gemstone consists of Aluminium Silicate with hydroxide and fluoride ions. Discovered colourless in its good state, this gemstone is offered in a plethora of various hues or shades. Yellow Topaz is without doubt one of the rarest and helpful as in comparison with different variants of this gemstone. The phrase Topaz is taken from a Latin phrase ‘Topazus’ and is said to a Sanskrit phrase ‘Tapas’ which implies Fireplace or Warmth.

The yellow Topaz is said to a Yellow Sapphire for its helpful properties like psychological and bodily well being, lustrous look and hardness to an extent. Out of its numerous helpful purposes, this stone comes with the therapeutic properties to treatment liver issues, power reminiscence loss, insomnia, aggressiveness, and jaundice.

Different Ceaselessly Requested Questions:

1. Which one is a greater Yellow Sapphire substitute, Yellow Topaz or Citrine stone?

Citrine is taken into account as a greater substitute of Yellow Sapphire as examine to yellow Topaz. It’s as a result of Citrine is well present in pure pure type and isn’t handled. Due to this fact, it’s thought-about higher for astrological function.

2. Ought to the burden of the Yellow Sapphire substitute be the identical because the Yellow Sapphire beneficial to me?

No, Substitute must be put on in giant weight as examine to foremost gemstone. For instance : If you want to put on yellow sapphire of 5 ratti, substitute must be put on of seven ratti.

3. Can I exchange the substitute stone sooner or later with a Yellow Sapphire?

Sure based on our coverage you’ll be able to exchange your stone in future. You’ll be able to see right here for our coverage : https://www.gempundit.com/privacy-policy

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