The Distinction of Diamond Minimize  |  Dakota Weblog 10.18.2021


Industrial-grade diamond drill bits are a comparatively new development in stone slicing expertise, making cleaner, sharper and extra intricate aspects extensively obtainable. These mathematically exact cuts are extra constant than people may ever craft by hand, thus offering us with a chance for mass-produced, an identical stone beads at a remarkably low value level.

The precision of the lower will not be the one reward when diamond-cutting stones. With the usage of geometry and a superb understanding of sunshine, which is extraordinarily essential for valuable stones with robust dispersion, we are able to create optimum cuts for every particular person stone kind. The aspects on every stone change into practically to completely flat, with minimal or no want for sprucing. Diamond-cut stones usually sparkle higher, even in stone varieties the place you do not usually see it, like some jasper varieties. We will additionally now get extraordinarily small beads and stones displaying the identical luster and shine as bigger stones. These stones work properly when paired with bigger beads as glowing accents, but in addition shine alone on small, delicate crafts.

We now carry faceted cubes in sizes from 2mm to 10mm!



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