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Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj Stone) Properties

Crack Vs Inclusion
Gemstone Yellow Sapphire
Different Names Pukhraj, Pushkaraj, Push Raja, Peetmani
Ruling Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati)
Indicators Dominated Sagittarius, Pisces
Day & Time to Put on Thursday Morning of Shukla Paksha
Steel to Put on in Gold (or alternatively, Panchdhatu)
Chakra Vishuddha
Component Ether
Moh Scale 9
Colours inexperienced, purple, corundum blue, yellow and orange
Origin India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, USA, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

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Detailed Properties of Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj ) :

  • Sapphire is the second hardest materials after diamonds. It’s having a score of 9 on Moh’s scale. Magnificent, eye-catching and desired by all, these are extracted from alluvial deposits and igneous rocks.
  • Present in a wide range of alluring colors like inexperienced, purple, corundum blue, yellow and orange, the fantastic thing about a Sapphire casts spell over onlookers. Each Sapphire has its personal completely different specialities, properties and qualities which have an effect on the wearer in a singular method.
  • Yellow Sapphire Stone will get its beautiful magnificence from an amalgam of Aluminium oxide with a touch of iron. The quantity of Iron defines the depth of its color. The yellowish tint of Sapphire darkens with the rise of quantity of iron current in it.
  • The mining technique of Yellow Sapphire takes place in quite a few areas around the world, like India, Afghanistan, USA, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Tanzania and plenty of extra. Madagascar holds the title of main producer of Sapphires. Furthermore, the Sapphires present in India, primarily in Kashmir are the rarest and costliest of all. The Yellow Sapphire Stones are often discovered within the sediments as being the second hardest materials they don’t put on out.
  • As these Yellow Sapphires are present in boring and crude type, these are required to be processed to get actual ending and shine. To deliver out the perfection out of Yellow Sapphire Stones, these are heated in Nitrogen poor atmosphere for per week or on excessive temperatures various from 500 °C to 1800 °C in furnace for hours. After the warmth remedy, these Sapphires are chiselled by expert gemmologists to supply these with excellent sheen and lustre.




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